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About Us

Drain Surgeons is a locally owned family business recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading specialist drainage companies. Established in 1997 we have some of the most advanced equipment and technology available and are committed to a comprehensive policy of environmental responsibility.

We offer a full range of services including; drain unblocking, CCTV inspections, vacuum loading, drain laying, fault location, laser profiling, sonar surveying, smoke testing, leak detection, pipe lining etc, in fact for all of your drain related requirements, contact us first.

With project work carried out both nationally and internationally and our ability to offer a full range of specialised services, we are uniquely placed in the market place to meet your requirements. We have recently completed signifcant projects in Fiji, Australia, Hong Kong and Iraq.

New Fresh Water Division

Drain Surgeons have recently moved into the fresh water market, with the launch of their new division, Underground Vision Ltd. After discovering the potential for JD7 technology, this new company has been set up to provide a proactive approach to managing the fresh water mains infrastructure in New Zealand and the Pacific.

JD7 is a specialised technology provider focused on pipeline assessments and inspection solutions. They have pioneered a non disruptive pressurised water main CCTV condition assessment technology for the fresh water market.

Underground Vision Ltd has purchased the full range of JD7 equipment. It is our vision to have JD7 adopted as a necessary investment for operating a proactive asset management programme on all mains waterline systems throughout the region. We believe that these products will revolutionise the way in which water networks are monitored and maintained.

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