HD Laser Profiling

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Laser Profiling

“Why Walk Through… When You Can Float Through…. Continuous Inspections up to 3 kms”

Drain Surgeons are industry leaders in large bore pipeline investigations using state of the art laser, sonar and high definition CCTV profiling systems.The laser profiler is a stand alone tool for use with our CCTV Survey systems in order to collect survey data and create accurate pipeline reports.

This information includes measurements of pipe size, laterals, water levels and other features, as well as automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity up to 30 times per second. The laser profiler attaches to our CCTV equipment and the resulting images are analyzed using innovative machine vision software.

Entry into main trunk sewer line

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Our detailed reporting will provide the following information:

  • Corrosion Levels
  • Debris Levels
  • Pipe Integrity
  • Accurate Pipe Measurements

This data allows informed decisions to be made regarding any pipeline rehabilitation.

Download Sample Laser Profiling report