Q & A

We service all areas in Auckland
Are you able to locate our drains as we are building a swimming pool?
Yes, our CCTV equipment has the ability to be located on ground. This is marked by the means of fluro spray.
Our outside drain from the toilet is overflowing can you fix it?
Yes, our domestic house truck team can unblock most blocked toilets, blocked sinks and blocked drains
Water is flooding our back garden are you able to see where it is coming from
Our CCTV cameras can access storm water and sewer drain lines.  These can the identify any breakages within the line that may be the cause of your flodding.
We are in Papakura do you come out this way to unblock drains?
Yes, we cover all of the Auckland Region, from down in Pukekohe to up in Warkworth.
We have a bad smell coming from our kitchen drain outside can you come and have a look at it ?
Bad smells could be the result of a slow draining waste line.  This could be one of the causes.  We recommend a hydro flush to clear any debris that may of accumulated.
We have a broken pipe coming out of the ground can you fix it?
Drain Surgeons excavations team of of qualified drain layers would gladly come and repair this line for you.
Our toilet is slow to drain can you see what is blocking it?
Yes, our CCTV camera can investiaget most causes of blocked and slow draining sewer lines
Our storm water is flowing across the drive are you able to fix it?
The cause would need to be identified first and then we will propose a solution for you.  If its blocked we can clear, if the line has collapse then we can repair.  In situations like this, cctv normally identifies the faults for us to rectify.
There is no water going into our water tank from our roof could you hve a look at our down pipes ?
Yes, it could be that they have become blocked or there maybe some other reaseon, either way our qualified and trained staff will gladly assist
My Gulley Trap is blocked and overflowing
Blocked gully traps are easily cleared with our small trained hydro unit operators.  Please call to make a booking.
My stormwater drains block every year, what casuing this?
This could be cuased by roots in the line or an accumulation of leaves.  Our domestic and industrial hydro and vacuum  loading units can clear all types of blockages
Can you repair broken drains
We have a team of qualified drain layers that can excavate, repair and re-instate all aspects of drainage works.
Can you locate with CCTV exactly where the blockage is
Yes, our cctv units can be located on ground to pin point the blockage or damage.
My cess pits and channel drains are full of leaves and silt, can you suck them out?
We have small and large vacuum loading / suction trucks which can remove all debris and contents from your cess pits
Do you have Plumbers that unblock drains?
Yes, we have plumbers that can unblock drains.
Do you have after hours and emergency call out crews?
Yes, our on call service is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 Day a year.
We are a Body Corporate, we need to ensure compliance with our Storm Water. Do you undertake these works?
Yes, we offer a free quote to visit site and identifying the assets. Raising a free quotes for the Storm Water / Sewer annual maintenance, for annual budgetary control. Plan in the works on a scheduled basis e.g.:  6 & 12 Monthly, 2 Yearly. Liaising with your nominated onsite contact. Provide the relevant signed Council documentation to ensure your compliance..
In heavy rains our cess pit / sumps block and cause flooding. Can you resolve this for us?
If storm water cess pits, channel drains, sumps, soak holes and other rain water devices are not maintained then debris and silt can build up diminishing the capacity to discharge the rain water. This results in flooding and other issues. We have the capacity to maintain by the means of vacuum loading and hydro to ensure devices work effectively.
We have trees in our garden that we fear have blocked the waste pipe drain. What can we do?
Root intrusion is common in waste and storm water pipes. To combat this we can root cut the line to remove the issue, followed by CCTV to ensure the pipe is integral. If severe root damage has occurred then we also have the ability to undertake remedial works.
Council have asked for an As Built ( Asbuilt ) plan – do you do these?
We have CCTV teams than can plot the private storm water and waste water. Creating a signed Asbuilt plan for presentation to Council.
I’m piling annd building near a Council / WaterCare line and they have asked for CCTV. How much does this cost?
Pre build inspections of public main lines varies and we will gladly raise you a quote. The purpose if to identify the council line onsite and provide a pre build CCTV in order to gain resource consent. We also mark the location and depth of the drain(s) onsite to identify where about’s they are located.
We built an retaining wall a few years back, trying to sell out house but we haven’t got sign off on the public waste water (sewer) line. Can you help?
We can provide CCTV footage of the line in question for you to present. This would aid in the Code of Compliance sign off.